Thursday, 16 May 2013

Modesty Panel Crashing

Alright, so, I'm pretty new to the booby blogging scene, and wasn't invited to the Modesty Panel, so I hope nobody minds an uninvited party guest.~  Like many young girls, I was made to be more or less ashamed of my body.  My teenage years were largely spent in men's tee shirts, baggy jeans, and shoes which were a couple sizes too big (so I'd look somewhat "proportional").  Not to mention the poorly fitting bras.

Here I am, on the right, at about 15.  Note the men's clothing, the wild unkept hair, and the uncomfortable expression, even though I'm sitting with close friends (you can only see one, but there were about six of us sitting in a loose circle).  Also note the hunched posture, which was a perpetual part of the 'me' everyone saw on a daily basis.  Believe it or not, I'll readily say that the tenth grade was among the best years of school for me.  Partially because that's when my "badass shell" was the thickest.  I presented myself as masculine, and not caring.  It was all a defense mechanism, really.  A fairly effective one at that.
The first couple years after I hit puberty were kinda odd, as I'd been allowed to wear tight clothing as a child (jiggling all over for the world to see) but once I gained tits, hips, and an ass, whenever I tried on something I liked which was even remotely form fitting, my mother would declare "Eek, no, it fits like a second skin!".  So, with my ~44 inch bust measurement, I was sized out of a lot of ladies clothes (which were often too thin to hide my bra bulges anyway).  So, I always had to dress quite modestly, generally in men's clothing, but it didn't help much.  Recently, a girl with whom I went to school informed me that she often heard the boys in my grade talking about me because I had big boobies.  REALLY?  After all the trouble I went through to hide the awful things?  I can only imagine what might have happened if I'd had the option to dress any less "modestly"!
Anyway, as I write this this evening, I'm wearing a very tight tee shirt, with S/P written on the label.  You know what?  It feels great.  I also love showing off cleavage, why the hell not?!~  When dressing myself, I tend to say "fuck modesty".  Well, I don't really think about it at all these days.  I just throw on whatever my hands land on first, be it baggy or tight.  Of course, I'm still following society's biggest norms.  I'm careful not to let my undergarments show, and my back and tummy can only be seen in swimwear, but masses of cleavage?  Showing off a little leg?  I'll do those any day.  Yes, I sometimes have a lot of cleavage on show, it comes with huge tit ownership.  Big fucking deal!  Not to say I don't still have baggy clothes in my wardrobe, leftover remnants of my earlier teenage years (ah, to be twenty and finally shake off the shackle of having my age end in "teen")  Anyway, here are a couple photos of me which were taken after my bra fitting transformation.  One of me in my strapless prom dress, fleshy arms the size of my head all on show, and one of me in an itsy bitsy teeny weeny blue and ruffly bikini.
I was advised to have my arms somehow covered that day.  Oops.

Awww yiss, lookit them rolls.

Anyway, I'm not saying modesty is bad, but I think it should be present for the right reasons.  If, for example, your line of work requires you to dress a bit more professionally, then by all means, do so.  Or, if perhaps, you're around certain people who are incapable of controlling and being quiet about certain urges, it might be good to cover up some.  Does it suck that we have to dress certain ways at certain times?  Yes, of course.
Ultimately, I'd like to say it should come down to comfort levels.  If you don't want to show anything off, then hey, good for you, that's fabulous and grand.  Rock those maxi dresses, shrugs, swimdresses, whatever.  If you're comfortable baring it all, then power to you.  Mini dresses, strapless numbers and bikinis?  Oh yes.~  In my opinion, modesty should directly correlate with comfort more than anything else.


  1. As one of the people who is officially a part of the Modesty Panel (although my post isn't up yet), I just wanted to say I am glad you chimed in! The more the merrier. Thanks for adding your insight.

  2. I'm also very pleased to see you joining in on the modesty panel. The more people that discuss this topic, the better, so thank you for sharing your experiences :)

  3. Your arms look awesome in that prom dress (as does the rest of you)! And of course you rock the Curvy Kate bikini as well :)

    I can definitely relate to the "baggy shirt days!" I used to dress like that in my early teen (tween) years, too, mostly because I had a very hourglass-like frame, and didn't like when people commented on it. They'd say, "ohhh, look at that tiny waist, and those curves!" So of course I hid myself with baggy shirts, being only 10-14 or so!

  4. You look gorgeous, especially in that prom dress. I love the colour so much. I'm also very glad that you put your two cents in as well and I linked to you from my post :)

    I wore baggy shirts when I was younger, but I don't remember doing it from any reason other than wanting to. These days, now that I'm actually aware of things like modesty, I have to have a really good reason not to wear a form-fitting top xD

  5. You look lovely in that prom dress! Don't let anyone tell you otherwise. :) I loved seeing your perspective, and I'll add you to the round-up links on my blog for sure.

  6. Good for you for rocking your bikini! That is one of my goals, to wear a bikini and feel confident. You're an amazing woman!