Sunday, 7 April 2013

My First Post!

Well, this is my first blog post.  Yippee!~   So, Esty Lingerie is running this giveaway here:  and one of the ways to earn entries is to blog about our favourite items on the site.  So, I figured this was as good a time as any to actually start blogging.  I've been meaning to do this for a while now.  So, here are some of my favourite things on the site!~

I adore Arabelle.  I kid you not, they make some of the cutest knickers on the planet!

Look at these!  The candyfloss blue satin and pink lace knickers look good enough to eat!  They'd actually really nicely match some jammies I had when I was a kid...~

I've always had a soft spot for vampiric/gothic looking things, and these most certainly fit the bill.

 I love love love purple, and these happen to be my favourite shade of purple.  Ooh, and look at that black lace, and the bows!  YUM!

These are adorable as well!~

 I love this, but sadly, it's not available in my size.  I'm not usually a fan of babydolls, but this one is quite nice!  It's also affordable, at £14.99.

The knickers are soooo awesome.  Look at the lacing detail on the sides!

Remember my mention that I loved gothic type things?  Yep, well this thing is just super cool!  It's just a shame it's not available in my size.~

Know what else I love?~  Knickerocker!  However, I just have one tiny concern...
I won a pair of these awesome underpants through a giveaway done by Esty quite a while ago, and they still haven't shown up!  I contacted Esty about it, and they said they'd have another pair sent which STILL HASN'T ARRIVED!  What's going on? D:

Also, these are just way too cute and Easter-y.~

Another favourite brand of mine?  Leg Avenue!~  Does anyone know if their "one size fits most" would fit, say, a UK 14?
Blue argyle?  Sign me up!  My mom thinks I'm weird for liking argyle though...  What's weird about it? o.o

Mmmm, look at that purple and pink plaid!  I would wear these to death.  Seriously, with everything.  I'd love to own about a zillion pairs of these.

Armwarmers!  I've always had a thing for armwarmers!  I think they're just super cool.

Now of course, as a busty woman, I adore Louise Ferdinand.~
Here's Mr. BF's favourite set.
And here's one of which I'm rather fond.~  Honestly though, I love all of them.

I've also needed eye masks since I was quite young as I'm prone to light sensitive headaches.  I own three at the moment, one which is quite thin but comfortable (I believe it came with a bathing gift set), as well as an adorable Pikachu one, which isn't very comfortable but blocks out light well (I usually stack it with the comfy thin blue one).  I also have my dad's old one, which he had for as long as I can remember and has been mine for the past four years since he's no longer with us.  It's the best of the three, but lately I've found it doesn't block out light as well as it used to (I was in bed with one of those headaches for most of the day, and my trusty old mask just wasn't cutting it).

So!~  Love Me Sugar's (I love that name!) masks hugely appeal to me!  I'd say this one is my favourite at the moment.

I love this shade of blue, and the quilting is just to die for!~

Something else which is on my "lust list" (that phrase tends to make me giggle a bit >.<) Is these stunning tie-side knickers by Mistress Collection.

Look at that delicious shade of purple!

These Nearer the Moon knickers are just fabulous as well.  I love the bow!~

More adorable panties!  Look at the cute little flowers!~

Finally, what's more sexy than pasties, save for the areolas which can actually by adequately covered by them?  ._. I realize this may be an awkward subject, but we aren't all small and perfectly round enough to rock these things, which makes me a little sad because look at these!

Nightly Allure butterfly pasties.  BUTTERFLIES!

I mentioned my adorable Pikachu eye mask, yes?  I love Pokémon so these are bloody awesome.

Well!  That's my first blog post.  It actually took me a really long time to write this!  The giveaway was the final boot in the pants I needed to actually get started, and even then, it took me a few weeks to even try figuring out how to do this!  Then I left it half written for a few days.  I was a terrible student. ._.  Well, was it decent?  I'd like feedback, even if there isn't much to give!~

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